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Fixed Denture

Life Changing Treatment

All-on-4, Smile in a day, Pro Arch, Smart Fix, Hybridge are all brand names given to the method of tooth replacement for a full arch bridge fixed to dental implants.  The fixed bridge represents the most ideal and comfortable tooth replacement option available.  No movement, no glue, no sore spots, the fixed bridge replicates life with natural teeth in a straight forward and predictable treatment procedure.

The bridge foundation includes 4-6 implants placed surgically without sinus lifts, bone grafts or other invasive procedures.  With  state of the art materials from PMMA to Zirconia, a durable and highly esthetic bridge can be made for a custom smile. 

Our digital process makes the fixed bridge a breeze.  Digitally planned and designed takes away any guess work from surgery to final bridge.  Whether you are currently wearing a denture or are in a terminal dentition, this procedure will truly change your life.

Straumann ProArch

Introducing Locator FTx Fixed Bridge Attachments

The Locator FTx attachments represents to latest technology for attaching a fixed bridge.  No screws makes a more esthetic and stronger final bridge.

Utilizing replaceable PMMA inserts, the FTx forms a strong and secure attachment interface that can easily be removed in the dental office.

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