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How Much Does it Cost?

Dental implants have provided a secure and confident treatment option for tooth replacement world wide.  At Advanced Denture and Implant Solutions at Sage Dental Care, our goal is to provide as many people dental implant solutions at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.

The typical full arch fixed bridge in the US will cost $30,000 or more.  Our streamlined in-house workflow and utilizing the latest digital technology allows us offer this desirable procedure at a much lower cost.  Our cases start at $20,000 per arch, less than most other offices.  At this price we are able to maintain high quality as well as utilize reputable brand components for outstanding results.

We realize that even at our reduced costs, it is difficult for many people to come up with the money for this type of treatment.  We work with CareCredit and have In-House Financing available to open this life changing treatment up to as many people as possible.

Not interested in dental implants?  We offer both digital and traditional dentures.  Our goal is to help you attain confidence in your smile. 

Only need one or a few teeth replaced?  No problem.  We offer solutions from single tooth to multiple teeth as well.  Packages are based on what your particular needs are, and the fees are fully reviewed prior to starting treatment.

With the rise of medical tourism, people are willing to fly all over the world to obtain treatment for a perceived discount.  Currently there are over 2000 different implant manufactures world wide.  Some good and some bad.  All have different types of components.  Implants received in other parts of the world may not be serviceable in the US, and you may be stuck with a hefty bill to repair, replace or deal with an unknown dental implant.  Don't risk being stuck with useless dental implants and have a local dentist provide the treatment.

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